Mending Broken


Have you ever broken something? Some things can be mended or repaired easier than others. If you break a vase just right and there are only a couple pieces you could glue it and maybe it would look fine and still be usable. But if you drop a glass on the tiled kitchen floor most likely it would shatter and there is no fixing that mess! 

But what if your heart is broken, all the way to the core of you…how does one fix that? Sometimes it feels like it can’t be repaired. There is only One who can mend that kind of broken and that is Jesus…and his specialty is the human heart.  He is its Creator and only he knows just how it was made to function. He alone knows how to remake it so that the brokenness that happened and the restorative process work together to make your life what he intended it to be in the first place! #onlygod

I’ve been on a journey for more years than I care to think about…the journey to healing I didn’t even know that I needed. God has this sneaky way of using the attacks of the enemy and people to reveal what is broken in YOU. Seriously God? What about what they did to me? Personal attacks, betrayal, abuse, wounding etc. are NEVER about what someone did TO you but about what God wants to do IN you through it. We can’t change others we can only change ourselves. 

Last year I went on a Writers Retreat and wrote this poem by the Guadeloupe River in Texas. Later God showed me that this would become the title of my book. I’ve had this book on my heart for years! But until the healing I needed was finished I couldn’t start, and until the Holy Spirit breathed this poem into my heart I couldn’t seem to land on a title. I believe what we go through is never just for us. But we are supposed to use what we’ve learned to in turn help others out of their pain. This book will do just that. Here is what I was given that day that perfectly tells the story of my life…

Mending Broken

Broken, unwanted she came to the world.

Why are you hear, for what were you made?

Left to herself, where are her guides? 

Where are the ones she needs?

She learns way to early help won’t come

She survives...Broken. 

She doesn’t understand for how she is is all she knows. 

How is it she wonders, how does one get so...Broken.

Broken is as broken does.

People say people do what should never be done to...Broken. 

Sticks and stones they break things.

Overlooked and discarded for all to see, now she understands, again...Broken. 

Her heart heavy, it feels the weight of the words. 

Don’t I matter, am I not enough, didn’t Jesus come for the...Broken? 

In the dark, in the pain, something dies. 

It suffocates for the weight of the pain. 

She waits in silence, in the dark; it’s quiet in her heart.

Prayers can’t be uttered for the pain in...Broken.

So much pain, roots go down deep. She waits. 

What was that? She feels it again. 

It flutters inside, trying to breath...Hope?

She slowly, cautiously, picks it up.

She holds it close, does she dare to...Hope?

She breathes a breath, big and full, her chest rising with strength. 

Healing comes like waves to the shore of...Broken. 

Washing away to the root the pain, rejection in places unaware in...Broken.

She now knows. 

She now understands. 

Hope lives, Peace comes.

Jesus scoops out all of the...Broken. 

He offers His life for all of the pieces.

Her heart she now gives to the...Broken

The healing freely given.

Still a scar for all to see.

Scars show what only He can do.

What He did He will do for all of the...Broken.

There is nothing too broken that He cannot heal it. While he never intended for your life to be broken, he can certainly use what happened and turn it for good…the lyrics to the song “Whole Heart” by Hillsong say this…

Once I was broken

But you loved my whole heart through

Sin has no hold on me

Cause your grace holds me now

And that grace

Owns the ground where the grave did

Where all my shame remains

Left for dead in your wake

You crashed those age-old gates

You left no stone unturned

You stepped out of that grave

And shouldered me all the way

He mended me…he can mend you too…if you let him.