Victory Is Coming


I talk a lot about the wilderness….maybe it’s because I’ve been living in it for a good bit, going around mountains and learning lessons. Maybe you’ve been in a season like me or a dry season…God is a God of timing so whatever you have been going through let this word from Dana Jarvis be an encouragement to you as it was to me. God is for us, he is bringing us out and into an amazing new season of fruitfulness and joy!

I’ve been feeling for some time that victory and deliverance from the wilderness is just around the corner!! New seasons are coming. Our trials and lessons are now going to be used in these last days for God’s purposes. He never wastes a hurt. God’s end time army of tried and tested warriors are arising to fight. We are arising to win…to lead more people to Christ than ever before, to usher in the second coming of Christ. This word spoke so much to me I had to share it!! Be refreshed!

"From A Place He Cannot See, The Enemy Is Hearing A Sound!"

Dana Jarvis

I can see some that have been hidden away for such a time as this and now they are emerging. It was during this hidden time that God placed something powerful in them. I see warriors walking out of this hidden place; ones that are going to make the enemy wonder where you came from. The moment you were born for has come. You are ready to pick off the enemy and all his soldiers for God has made you his sniper. Your light is going to pierce even the deepest darkness.

I see these warriors, these snipers for God, emerging from the wilderness where you have been in training. The enemy will soon know where you have been because he is marked as the primary target. I hear the Lord say, "My hidden army, my prayer snipers, are coming out of the hidden wilderness and running with their Beloved because my Spirit is upon them. They will speak words of life and freedom. Even now, the shackles are being broken off the hearts of my people." I can clearly see these Warriors are running with the wind of His Spirit. They came up strong, not weak. They came up with a testimony of faith. The enemy is scattering, for he knows that these warriors own the darkness and will prevail over it.

These are the warriors I see. They will not sell out, be pushed out or get out! They are more than conquerors that will always triumph. They can do all things through Christ their Commander. Demons cannot defeat them. Battles cannot beat them down. Money cannot buy them. Governments cannot silence them. And Hell cannot handle them. I see this army marching through the haze of battle and they are marching to victory. They are not giving up nor are they turning around. They are marching into the enemy's territory with the cross hairs on the devil's head. From a place he cannot see, the enemy is hearing a sound. That sound is the kingdom of darkness crumbling and the victory cries of God's children.