About Torey


Hi there!!! Torey here…

I’ve been married to the most crazy handsome guy Dan for 38 years, how he has survived me I’m not really sure, besides the fact he’s a saint!! We have three amazing young men who call me mom and they have given me five of the most perfect little humans who call me GiGi… grandchildren are seriously the reason we have kids people!!! 

I love all things Jesus, cooking, gardening and of course HGTV… I mean really who doesn’t?  I love books… and more books… babysitting my grandchildren, dating my husband… and my “other” babies Elvis and Nakita our Cocker Spaniels… they are not at all spoiled if you were wondering.

My biggest passion would be to see believers who are able to walk out their Christianity in everyday life. Knowing something and not doing it is to not really know it at all… mentoring someone and watching them grow and discover God’s plan for their life… just makes me giggle!

So here’s to finding His “Grace for the Journey"


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