God Never Changes


The definition of the word “change” is to become altered or modified, transformed or converted, a transformation or modification, alteration, a variation or deviation from the original.Change is good! We all need to change something about ourselves, like our waistline our debt load, or our bad habits. 

But, we also need a constant, a fixed point on the horizon to aim at or strive for.Every goal has a mark to hit and every dream needs a fulfillment.  A constant makes us feel secure, we know what to expect so we can relax and depend on it.

God is the one true constant."I, the LORD, never change…Malachi 3:16a. He can’t  change. Period. Hebrews 13:8 says, “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and foever.For me that is the most comforting thing I could ever imagine. To be able to trust that no matter what I do or how I fail He will always feel the same toward me. 

So if you haven’t noticed people are NOT this way, at least most of them. You know the ones, the fair-weather friends who love you until you need them to climb in the ditch with you or help clean you up after you’ve stepped in it. We all screw up but that’s when you really find out if you have any true relationships, any real friends. 

I’m sure as heck never gonna be perfect so if someone can’t love me with my flaws and my crazy days then maybe they don’t know what true relationship is.I need those thick and thin people, those people who can forgive and give grace. Those who can pray for me and tell me the truth so I can grow. Yea the world sorely needs more of those people.

So when people fail us, and they will, we can KNOW that God will not.He doesn’t love us just when we do it right. He loves us the same when we are knee deep in sin and loving it.  His patience never runs out waiting for us to get our heads screwed on straight. He left heaven and came to die for us when we were not even looking for a Savior much less knowing we needed one.

Human love is based on performance, on give and take.If you do all the things right then you are accepted and loved. But if you mess up their feelings may change. God’s love is not that way. Does He love your sin and rebellion? NO. But…He can hate the sin and love us despite what we are choosing to do in the moment, because He’s consistant.

While we are acting a fool His love is constant, always there fighting for us, believing the best of us and waiting…waiting for us to turn to Him.Romans 5:8 says, “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”His love can’t be altered because of what I do, can’t be modified or changed, He won’t deviate from His love for me no.matter.what.

It’s that very fact that makes me want to turn to Him, want to change, want to please Him with my choices and my life.I don’t desire to change based on fear that He will stop loving or approving of me. It’s the confidence I have that I don’t have to perform perfectly to be loved that makes me want to perform perfectly! His constant nature gives me confidence, freedom and the desire to trust Him. 

Are you messing it up today? Well join the club! I’m Torey the club “Mess Up” President!!When we realize and believe in the consistency of God’s unfailing, unchanging, unrelenting love for us we can get off the struggle bus. We can relax in His arms knowing we are accepted and loved and we can get up tomorrow and try again, keep trying while relying on His strength to be made perfect in our weaknesses. 








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