Well Of Course I'm Humble


Humility is probably one of the most misunderstood topics, except for maybe submission and some think they are similar.But we ain’t gonna talk bout dat one!! You’re welcome. So what is it exactly and how has it been misrepresented…

We often equate humility with the front door mat, just being walked over and stepped on.I mean every mom on a TV series in the 50’s was the typical mousey housewife living in an apron and toting around a vacuum while baking cookies; the epitome of humility. They weren’t supposed to have an opinion, a job, or input into their own lives. I would never have survived the 50’s yall!! For real!!

If humility isn’t being quiet, having no opinion or taking a backseat to everyone else then what the heck is it?!?! A humble person knows who they are but has no need to prove it to anyone.

Wikipedia says, “humility is defined as being "unselved", a liberation from consciousness of self, a form of temperance that is neither having pride (or haughtiness) nor indulging in self-deprecation.”Being too conscious of self is pride and too little consciousness of self shows a lack of self-esteem.So humility is the balancebetween the extremes.

Prideful people are either convinced of their abilities or covering their insecurities. Deep insecurity stems from a lack of identity and deep wounding of a person’s worthiness as a person. Fathers give us our identity and our society is sorely lacking in fathering, producing young girls looking for their identity in boys and their bodies. It can produce mousey, passive men who struggle to lead their families.

False humility comes from the same root of insecurity. Not knowing who you are and having a deep understanding of your worth as a person aside from your performance causes people to step back and feel less than and unable to be who they could be.

Soooo how do we develop humility? I’m glad you asked but you may not be ready for the answer. If you grew up in a fairy tale family somewhere over the rainbow you may already be humble. But lets be real, you are a freak of nature because the rest of us did NOT grow up that way. Yikes. 

If you’ve been jacked up like myself, to be humble will require digging deep and addressing the wounding and insecurity buried in your heart.  When you’ve been told who you aren’t, and what you will never be that wound MUST be dug up and God’s healing grace must be poured into that hole. Hmm I’m writing like I know something about this…umm yea.

You will never experience the feeling of fully knowing who you are and walking in true humility until your heart is free of the pain that has defined you. Dang. That is a goal every human should have but know it will take some crazy effort. I know because I’ve had to do it. I had to take the hand I was dealt and say, NO!! I refuse to stay broken, I was created with a purpose and I will fight for the freedom Christ died to give me. So that’s what I did.

I read books and listened to pod casts on the topics I needed to help me, got deliverance, went to counseling, got oily in prayer lines and anything else it took to get healed. I was relentless. Satan will hand you crap all day long but until you DECIDE to be free you will stay bound. 

I can honestly say after many years of work, I am a totally different person. I can “feel” the difference in how I react to situations and people (yea, people be crazy sometimes) and mostly how I love people. I have ZERO judgment for anyone after what I’ve come through. I have a deep empathy for the hurting having been where they are.  That’s humility.

True humility is the ability to let someone else have an opinion that is different from yours without it diminishing you, having the courage to speak up and believe what you have to say is valuable even if no one else thinks so. It’s KNOWING who you are because you know what Jesus did for YOU and what He says about you regardless of what anyone else says. It not trying to prove your worth to anyone because you KNOW who you are.





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