Winds of Change


This is a bit of a different Blog…just a cry from my heart and a prayer for the Church of Jesus Christ…

As the wind has been howling all night long and all day, my heart began to feel the spirit of God rise up and cry out for the Church. We are in a critical hour, it’s way past time for the Body to BE the Body, for us to repent and be the salt and the light we are meant to be in this earth. The world will never change until we do, it will never reflect his heart until we do. It starts with us.

Father…Let the wind of your Holy Spirit begin to blow; blow through your Body, through every church, through every believer. Just like on the day of Pentecost baptize us again with your spirit and fresh fire. Blow away the chaff, the sin, deceit, hypocrisy, lethargy, and the pride. Blow out everything man madepride birthed and that represents a false gospel

Deal with your leaders. Prick hearts and minds, purify motives. Reveal the sin and the shame that we have lived in in your name. Blow across this Nation and remove, root out, and eradicate everything that does not come from your heart, your word and is not your will. 

Let your powerful wind so shake and uproot/expose the enemy lurking just inside our doors and hearts that the only response we have is to fall to our knees in repentance. Break our hearts for the things that break your heart Father. Blow away the dust and the debris in our lives to expose the truth, the truth that we have fallen far from your heart and created a version of you that we can worship without repentance or change. Forgive us

After all of the uprooting, chaos and cleansing the wind brings, give us pure hearts again. Hearts that long for your will to be done on earth as it is in heaven; hearts that break at the thought of hurting you. Give us eyes to see and ears to hear your will and to do it despite inconvenience or even the understanding of it. Let us be quick to hear and do whatever you ask.

Help us to be a Body that reflects your values, your will and your ways. Let us be willing to lay aside our own agendas and desires to pick up our Cross and follow you. Let us be the Body we are called to be, standing against the tide of the enemy flowing into and across our nation to kill, steal and destroy us and our loved ones. Let us recognize his schemes and fall to our knees in prayer.

Help us Holy Spirit to see that you created us to be the front line soldiers defending the Kingdom until you come again. Make us Kingdom minded again, willing to stand, fight and die for the cause of Christ. Let us be simply vessels of your love and your power. The world needs to see YOU in US. We are not called to be happy but we are called to war. To fight to see Christ glorified in us and to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth. 

Renew our hearts to purpose again. Set a fire down in our hearts to burn for you alone and not our own selfish desires and passions. Most of all drive us to our knees like never before into intercession. Nothing changes without prayer so ignite a prayer passion in us. Show us how to pray not only with words but also through tears over this lost and dying world. 

If your heart breaks like mine, pray this above prayer with me. Let’s BE the change we want to see in the world. Let’s BE the Body of Christ. 





Torey Goodson5 Comments