More Than Enough


Psalms 23:5… “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; my cup runs over.” Wow there is so much in this little verse. Let’s unpack this together…

We talked about how God takes care of us like a Shepherd, meeting our every need. This verse continues to show us that through the symbolism of the dinner table. My mother-in-law was convinced food could solve every problem. When you arrived at her house she immediately began to list off all of the food in the refrigerator…we have some chicken, and some veggies, some left over meatloaf and some ice cream etc. etc. You never left her house hungry for sure.

Food is so comforting, which is why my pants are too tight. Maybe it’s the comfort, the satisfaction, the feeling of fullness and not lack that we are craving when we are in need. When there is a problem in front of us and we don’t see the solution why is it we immediately want a hamburger? Why don’t I ever crave celery?

Because human nature drives us to “crave” or need something when we feel distress; God uses this symbolism. He’s telling us, “I’m preparing a table before you, a way to meet your desires and show you My provision, right in front of your problem. In the middle of the crisis, I’m providing." 

He’s saying “I have what you need and I can provide it during your lack. You may be lacking finances or your house needs to sell, or you need a new car, or a job…and everything around you LOOKS like it’s not going to happen. God shows up and says “I’m preparing to comfort you with strength, wisdom, courage, and faith UNTIL the problem’s solution comes. " You see sometimes our answers get delayed. He wants to show us that even when they are delayed He still has what we need. 

When our timing and God’s timing clash, there is so much that we can learn. We never learn patience if we never have to wait. We don’t learn to operate in any of the fruits of the Spirit if we never have to practice them. Our trials and problems give us ample opportunity to lean on God’s Spirit and develop some much-needed fruit of our Christianity. Never waste a problem.

“You anoint my head with oil.” It was a Jewish custom to anoint a persons head with oil when they sat down for a meal in your home. It was a sign of respect. It gave off a beautiful fragrance. People were beyond smelly in those days. With excessive heat, dusty roads and very few baths lets just say body odor was a real problem. The oil covered the smell while you ate your meal, I’m sure it made it much easier to eat when you weren’t gagging over someone’s odor! 

This anointing was a showing of honor. It was customary to anoint your guest, and it symbolized preparing for a feast. For God to anoint our heads with oil is a way of Him saying, “I am preparing you to receive what I have for you.” 

“My cup runs over.” It’s one thing to have just enough. Your needs are met, you are not hungry, you have cloths, a car etc. But you never have extra, only just enough. It’s a blessing to have enough but so much better to have ‘more” than enough. When my cup is full it’s great, but when it runs over that’s even better! It’s symbolic of God going above and beyond. From Him giving you just what you need to giving you abundance! 

I don’t know what you situation is. I know mine looks pretty difficult. But as I read this Psalm I am so encouraged that God is for me, not against me. He is making a way, preparing a table of abundance before me, anointing me with honor in front of the enemy I face and prepared to give me more than I need. I can trust He is on my side and will have absolutely everything I need when I need it.







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