The Dread Of Regret


Maybe it’s because I’m getting older but time just seems to be flying by. I remember those long summer days as a little girl playing outside, climbing trees and riding my bike. Those days seemed to go on forever.  Now I’d pay good money for the days to slow the heck down!!!

Wasn’t it just yesterday my babies were learning to walk, going to Kindergarten and playing Little League? It sure does seem like it. Now their kids are doing those things. Mercy!! I find myself just wanting to slow it all down so I can enjoy my grandchildren and all of it a little more.

But….that’s one thing that we can’t do; we are not in control of time it just passes. We can’t ever get time back that has been spent. Once it’s gone it’s gone. So why does it take us our whole lives to realize we should savor the moments, enjoy the people we love and just smell the roses?

I find that I just want to grab young people by the shoulders, look them in the eyes and say, “Hey!!!! Relax! Those kids can aggravate the living daylights out of you I know but you need to find the joy in it, pretty soon you’ll wish you had.” Money isn’t everything so relax and quit working 24/7. No one likes regrets; the thing is you don’t have them until you have them!

We live for the “next” moments to come, instead of enjoying the moments we have now. Why are we always looking for the next thing? When our kids are born we can’t wait till they are potty trained. Then we can’t wait till they are in school. Then until they graduate and on it goes. We lose the joy of the moment we are living in right now, and later regret it.

You’ve heard the quote, “Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.” O.M.G. isn’t that just the truth right there!! I’m just preaching to the choir. I want to slow things down and am learning I need to relax and enjoy my life and the people in it. So like I stated in my first Blog, I’m just feeding you off of my plate with what I’ve learned and am learning.

What matters in our lives are the people that we do life with. Things come and go but its people that matter. Are we actually “in” the moments we have or just trying to get through them to the next one? A popular phrase today is,” Slow your role down.” EXACTLY!! Slow down, relax and enjoy where you are NOW.

Regrets are painful things to live with. If I’m not careful I can let my mind take me down “regret lane” and pretty soon I’m depressed, and then wasting more time being depressed! What a crazy cycle! We can’t change what was but we can choose to start today living differently.

I encourage you to spend some time and look at how you spend your time, what you can change and how you can approach your life differently. It’s always good to reevaluate our lives and make necessary adjustments. Don’t wait and waste more time you can’t get back. Take a deep breath and choose to make the most of the life you have been given loving the people God has placed in your life. That is something you will never regret!



Torey Goodson4 Comments